Mr. Lee Moors

Al Najah Education HASIS Transition Project Manager

I would like to extend my gracious thanks to all of the staff, children and professionals who are involved with this extremely exciting journey for welcoming me so kindly to Sur. The delightful experience I have had goes a long way to reassure me that many teachers will be extremely pleased to secure careers at your wonderful school. 

This experience is an exciting and also worrying time for parents, students and staff alike. Change can be uncomfortable and it is critical that we all work closely together and communicate regularly and positively to ensure that we secure our aims; this is to deliver you all safely and efficiently to the first outstanding lessons in September. Al Najah are extremely pleased to be entrusted with the responsibility of giving our expertise in delivering the transition in partnership with the OLNG Company.  Al Najah Education is a leading international consortium with 48 schools and nurseries in its rapidly growing British overseas education portfolio. We along with OLNG are committed to providing a first class and leading education model that will set standards across Oman and be a beacon of outstanding governance, leading educational practice and enviable student outcomes. I along with my respected colleagues are determined to achieve this and when realised, teachers and parents will be determined to secure educations and careers at the school.

My role is to diligently project manage the transition to ensure that all of the professionals and experts locally and internationally are meeting their obligations on time so that the careful plan is followed accurately. I am committed to ensuring that the children of the school are involved and informed throughout, so that they understand the processes and have a chance to take ownership of some of the ideas. As parents there are many questions and clearly, transparent information is critical to secure your support and trust. This web page acts as that platform and I hope that the information it will give you is informative. I am confident that if we all work together and support each other we will be extremely proud in September when we see our children enjoying their first lessons with excellent teachers in a first class facility.
I look forward to meeting and working with you all.

My very best regards

Lee Moors
8th March 2018

Communication with the transition team

We welcome your valued questions and ideas and we ask that you please briefly write these down on the following email address. This will be monitored regularly and your emails will be responded to in a timely manner. Periodically I will write a ‘latest question and answer update’ so that topical issues can be informed for all. 

All I ask is that you are positive throughout, even if something is concerning you as the solution must be the focus opposed to the problem. If you feel that you would like to speak to me then please drop by the school gate at the end of the day and I will try to get there as much as I can so we can speak informally. If you would like an appointment then of course request this and outline briefly the topic of the conversation and I will arrange a mutually agreeable time.